Earthroamer XV-LTS is made to survive the Zombie apocalypse

Earthroamer XV-LTS for those of you who want to live their dream while travelling the world. Oh, and for those who really want to survive the Zombie apocalypse.
Lets be honest; the traditional RV is the epitome of ‘blah’ when it comes to true adventures. It’s just a vehicle that not exactly exciting – a somewhat boring drive in the boxy vehicle. In addition, you are limited to campsites – a level higher than those glorified parking lots.

Thus, the Earthroamer is kind-of-an RV. That’s right; you are definitely not supposed to call this security master an RV but rather an XV.

The Colorado-based company are actually is responsible for coining that particular term. XV stands for Xpedition Vehicle – something that is ready to take you to the most distant, off-roadie lands on this planet.

The Earthroamer just jas it all. The folks at Earthroamer constructed it mostly to solve some of the shortcomings of RVs. Of course, that was their primary goal. However, they have reached a point where their piece of art is incomparable to any RV whatsoever.

It provides a platform that is ready to take you everywhere you wish; whether that is off- or on-road. The best thing about it, is that it doesn’t only made to tackle tough terrain but, also to make you feel quite comfortable on the journey. You won’t miss your home in this thing – it has everything you need it to have.
The Earthroamer XV-LT is somewhat a five-star hotel with an efficient use of space in mind. There is just not part of the project that hasn’t been thought through in detail. It represents elegance and safety while giving the owner the thrill of the off-road. Touche.

Currently, the Earthroamer XV-LT is the best-selling XV model in the world. The company gives you a 3 year warranty so you have complete peace of mind with purchasing it. 4 wheels with all-weather capability – what more does one need? Check it out!