Edible Water Bubble – Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles!

Edible Water Bubble

In case you didn’t know, plastic bottles are destroying our planet.

We all know that we need to drink plenty of water but, the problem is, water is usually stored in plastic bottles and those are terrible for the environment. Thus, we have to find another solution. Luckily, scientists have not only one but two proposals that could save the planet.

One solution is to use reusable bottle. These can be filled from any nearby tap and would surely decrease the usage of plastic greatly. However, this is more of a “slow death” than a permanent save. That’s why the other proposal is much more exciting.

Several engineers from Skipping Rock Lab have developed something that they call “The Ooho”. It looks like a small globe which is filled with water that pops in your mouth. Yes, it’s edible water and it’s biodegradable as well as the outer shell is made of algae.

This means there is no need to plastic of packing – the little globes are self-contained and ready to consume. Check it out!