Electric Supercharger – can increase torque for 50 % and lessen CO2 by 20%!

Benefits Of Electric SuperchargerBenefits Of Electric Supercharger

Recently most of the electric cars are using electricity stored in electrical storage devices (batteries)  to power an electric motor. But what if that power was utilized to control an electric supercharger.

A firm from UK called Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) is working on that, and the results are promising.

Benefits Of Electric Supercharger

After so many tests on different engine types, the results have shown that a gasoline engine prepared with this kind of tech can contend with a diesel engine. The difference, the torque has been boosted by 40-50% and CO2 emissions have been lessened by around 20%.


This supercharger can also work on oil burners and one of the big advantages of making gas and diesel more powerful is that you can scale down them, so instead of using a 2 or 3 L engine, you might be able to use a 1.5 L and get approximate performance with way better fuel economy.

Benefits Of Electric Supercharger

A few tests done by Controlled Power Technologies on a VW Passat with a direct injection 2.0-liter four stroke gasoline engine have shown that diesel efficiencies could be matched.

“When fitted in a Volkswagen Passat, the electrically-supercharged engine produces CO2 emanations of 159g/km. The normal 167 horsepower 2.0-liter TDI diesel Passat on the other hand emits 165g/km, while the 197 horsepower 2.0-liter TFSI gas engine emits 194g/km.” – Controlled Power Technologies.

Benefits Of Electric SuperchargerDespite the fact that this electric supercharger isn`t the solution for our transportation issues, it`s one more important tool in our toolbox and a step forward in the automotive world!