The Farm Of The Future Promises 95% Less Water And No Pesticides!

Farm Of The Future

As urban population continues to rise, innovators are looking for solutions that would take traditional farming out of the picture and find new ways to fee everyone.What’s more, they’re not doing this out of sheer curiosity. Our ways of treating the world so far hasn’t gotten us far and it’s about time to do something that would have less impact on our water sources and land.  Luckily, the vertical farming has been here to help us correct our mistakes.

Vertical farming is indeed a valid solution. It produces crops in stacked layers, often in environments that are strictly controlled, such as the ones AeroFarms have built in Newark, New Jersey. Here, they are growing a variety of greens by using a process called  “aeroponics”. This particular process allows the growing to rely on mist and air only.

These crops are grown using reusable cloth, instead of soil, that’s made from recycled plastics. Moreover,the plants are exposed to certain type of spectrum produced by LED lights. Furthermore, the company claims that this type of farming uses 95% less water than a traditional farm. Check it out!