Five Cool & Practical Inventions – You Need To See!


Cool & Practical Inventions

Looking for useful and innovative products you can afford?

Here we present you some practical and awesome inventions and gadgets that will help you to improve your lives.


1. Silvon pillow case

Your pillow case is covered in bacteria, let’s change that with this incredibly soft and beautifully designed pillow case. The Silvon pillow case is not a regular pillow case – it is powered by pure natural silver and permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.

LVL ( Hydration monitor )2. LVL ( Hydration monitor )

This is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health – it measures your heart rate, calories, mood and even your sleep quality. So – be the first person in the world to measure your hydration in real time!

Holographic vector display3. Holovect ( Holographic vector display )

World’s first desktop holographic display, who draws objects in air with light. You can create landscape, scenery and movement.

4. Shaze (lounge chair)

This is a comfortable, foldable lounge chair with high quality water-resistant speakers, a USB charger for your phone, a drainable cooler, a bottle opener. Also it has a tower holder, it is rust proof and lightweight.

5. Flux Snowshoe

The Flux snowshoe automatically expands and contracts its surface, providing for a more natural walk than traditional flat snowshoes, and adapting to variable snow conditions and terrain.

Are they worth for buying?
Check out the video below with these brilliant and practical inventions!