Flatplane vs Crossplane V8 Engine – Explained!

Flatplane vs Crossplane Flatplane vs Crossplane

What is a flatplane crankshaft? What is a crossplane crankshaft? These engines get their names from the design of the crankshaft, and have key distinct differences. Flatplane engines have the primary forces balanced out, so the crankshaft can be light and fast revving.

Flatplane vs Crossplane V8 Engine – Explained!

Crossplane V8 engines have the secondary forces balanced out, making them very smooth with the addition of counterweights to balance out the primary forces.

Flat plane crankshafts are typically found on race cars and high-end exotic cars because of their high-rpm performance. The crossplane crankshaft on the other hand is used in almost every production V8 sold in America today.

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