Awesome Way To Heat Your Home For Free – DIY!

Heat Your Home For Free

The necessity for heat in the winter, and in some parts of the world throughout the year, has made the heating business huge. There are a lots of ways to make your home warm and comfortable in those cold days. But, what if you could heat your flat for free?

Recycling all your papers may seem like a good idea as it is good for the environment. The potential savings  of recycling a kilogram of paper are 3-4 kilowatt hours of energy and 30-liters of water. But, is turning old paper back into paper ready a process that doesn’t take much energy? Not really.

Thus, taking the paper you don’t need and turning it into briquettes along with several other components may seem like a good idea. This YouTube has figured out a way to turn scrap paper into briquettes that could be put in the stove and produce heat. Check it out!