Friction Welding – in wide range of our modern world – Demonstration!

Friction welding

Welding is a technique used for joining metallic parts through the application of heat and pressure. This process was discovered during efforts to manipulate iron into useful shapes and there are two types of welding.

Friction welding or (FRW) – a solid-state welding process that generates heat through mechanical friction between workpieces in relative motion to one another, with pressure to plastically displace and fuse the materials.  Technically, friction welding is not a fusion welding process in the traditional sense, it is more of a forge welding technique, because no melting occurs. But due to the similarities the term has become common. Friction welding is used in wide range of our modern world (aviation and automotive applications).

Friction stir welding or (FSW) – often considered to work part-and-parcel with huge jobs such as, ship panels, railroad cars and more massive structural applications.

In the video you can see how a machine uses spin friction to weld two objects in less than a minute. This technique is known as inertia welding, rotational welding or inertial friction welding and once spinning at the proper speed, the motor is removed and the pieces forced together under pressure. Really impressive!

Check it out!