Meet The Unique Gear System That Changes Speed!

Gear System

This may just be one of the shortest videos that you’ll be intrigued by as this is one of the craziest footage we’ve ever seen. We can’t quite understand what the commentator is saying but we do want to know more about that gear system.

These particular gears use different ratios to slow down or speed up, opening immense possibilities of potential uses.  From timekeeping to locking mechanisms, one could think of countless appliances for this one-of-a-kind gear set.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we cannot understand what is being said in the video, we don’t actually know what its specific use is for now. However, this seems to be a rough demonstration setup that’s giving potential customers an idea what the new developing product.

Variable gears could surely impact our daily lives and we can’t wait to see how. Check it out!