Golden Gate Bridge got a $30 million giant zipper to keep traffic moving!

Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge was outfitted with a movable barrier system that practically looks like a very expensive zipper. The goal of this project was to make sure that the traffic moves smoothly as we all know how many accidents have happened on that same bridge. Hopefully, with theĀ $30 million spent, it will make a difference.

This barrier, of course, comes with a ‘zipper truck’. The truck’s job is to move the installed safety barriers across the structures and it does this in a matter of seconds.

As the giant zipper is supposed to be a revolutionizing step, it does bring some vast changes. The Golden Gate Bridge used to carry three lanes of traffic in both directions. Now, it retains six lanes, where two are in one direction and the other 4 four go in another direction.

Check it out!