Grinding wheels – This is how they are made!

Grinding wheels

Grinding wheels are tools used to cut material such as glass or metal and grind down polish. Usually, they are made of synthetic or natural abrasive minerals which are bonded together in a matrix in order to form a wheel. While the general public may not be aware of them, those who own home workshops and as well as the manufacturing industry are using grinding wheels for more than 150 years.

Grinding wheels are quite efficient when it comes to finish of shape metals and other materials. Abrasives are most often the only way to create such parts with precision and high-quality surface finishes. Thus, the grinding wheels in many cases are the only logical solution. In addition, they have many appliances: sharpening knives, cutting steel, drill bits, and many other tools. The truth is, many tools that we take for granted could have been produced as easily if there wasn’t for the grinding wheels.

So, how are grinding wheels made? Check out the video below and find out!