Hadrian 105 – The Robot That Can Build A House In Two Days!

Hadrian 105

CEDA, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, predicts that around 40 percent of Australian jobs could be replaced by robots by 2025. In that regard, we’re checking out the Hadrian 105 – a creation of Fastbrick Robotics. The Hadrian is a bricklaying machine that not only gets the job done but does it 4 times faster than a human brickie. What’s more, the next model dubbed Hadrian X will be a lot quicker than this one. If you work in construction, it’s time to be worried.

The Hadrian 105 can build a house with a precision that can only be compared with the skills of a highly trained human, including all the necessary placement, materials and cutting. It has a bricklaying rate of 225 per hour and uses a laser guidance system that is accurate to 0.5 mm. In the video below, the Hadrian 105 isn’t using mortar but rather an adhesive glue which explains the absence of over-spill.

Check it out!