The Hippo Water Roller can carry gallons of water with ease – Awesome Invention!

Hippo Water Roller

The Hippo Water Roller is an innovative design; one of those simple ideas that can make millions of lives different. Can you imagine what it’s like to wake up before sunrise, walk 2 hours to the nearest river and then carry a bucket full of water for additional 2 and maybe more hours? Some people do it for the rest of their lives. This hell-on-earth scenario is faced by million every day. Moreover, it causes extensive personal injury and suffering.

Well, the Hippo Water Roller is a design that aims to ease that burden. It is a barrel-shaped container that can transport 90 liters of water. That is approximately 4 times the water that one person carriers via a 20-liter bucket. Additionally, it does so without placing stress on the arms, spine or the neck.

The Hippo Water Roller allows the water to be placed inside a “wheel” rather can carried above a wheel. Elderly and children can easily manage a full roller over any type of terrain. Check it out!