This Homemade Wooden Engine Runs Completely On Air!

Wooden Engine

We’re not so sure what this homemade wooden engine¬†might be useful for, but it surely looks cool.

Back in 1985, the YouTuber Matthias Wandel build the first wooden engine that runs on air. His invention, as many others, was mind-blowing and naturally, his followers requested the designs. However, according to Wandel these designs the public was so eager to see weren’t quite fir for public consumption. Thus, he designed a whole new wooden engine in 2009, one whose designs he can share with the rest of us.

In the video below, Wandel explains the process of building, step by step. You’ll find out everything you need to build one yourself and after understanding how it’s built and how it works, you’ll be one step closer to building one on your own. Check it out!