The Hoverbike Scorpion 3 Makes Sci-Fi Dreams Come True!

Hoverbike Scorpion 3

Hoversurf is a Russian team that aims to introduce a series of flying taxis that you’ll be able to order over a phone. But while that project has a long way to go, the Hoverbike Scorpion 3 is right on our doorstep. This flying motorcycle is opt to make our dreams of sci-fi come true as it surely looks like something that has come out of a Star Wars movie. Furthermore, the developers plan on producing ¬†series of prototype bikes by the end of the year.

Nevertheless, the flying bike can reach a height of 10 metres and has a top speed of¬† 60km/h per hour. It’s pretty amazing to see it in action although, the folks at Hoversurf say that this thing has only been constructed to demonstrate the platform of the vehicle they have in mind. Well, we can’t wait to see what their future invention hold for us.

In the mean time, we’ll enjoy what has been offered. Check i out!