How Car Tyres are Made? – Explained!

How Car Tyres are Made

Tires may seem simple but their manufacturing process isn’t. The making of tires requires up to 30 various kinds of rubber, fillers and other ingredients that make a tire the perfection it is. Every ingredient is essential to the role of the tire as it affects safety, performance, fuel economy and eco-friendliness. The components that are used to make a tire fall roughly into 5 groups:

Natural rubber: tread layers’ main component

Synthetic rubber” part of the treads of a car

Silica and carbon black: used an a reinforcement to improve the durability of the tires

Metallic and textile reinforcement cables: also known as the “skeleton” of the tire, providing rigidity and geometric shape

Different chemical agents: usually used for unique properties like ultra-high grip or low rolling resistance.

All of these ingredients are mixed in big blenders to create a black, gummy compound that is then sent on for milling. Check out the video below to see the entire process!