How Hot Tires Get During a Burnout – Infrared Camera Explained!

How Hot Tires Get During a Burnout

Nobody can deny the fact that those big clouds of smoke are cool, but in some cases, they do get in the way. Doing a burnouts is definitely one of the coolest things a car can do. There are few things as satisfying as the smell of burning rubber and the feel of power. Indeed, there is something immensely good about both witnessing and performing a burnout.

However, mot burnouts are pretty standard regarding the fact that after few seconds all you see in a massive plume of smoke. But what is behind the wall of smoke? Well, most of the time it remains a mystery. Other times you take a  $40,000 FLIR T1K thermal camera and show it to the world.

The YouTube channel Engineering Explained shows us what’s actually happening when one is doing a burnout through an infrared camera.  The camera shows every red-hot bit of melted rubber and the heat generated on the ground. Check it out!