How To Build A Rotary Engine – Explained!

How To Build A Rotary Engine

Rotary engines are quite ingenious. A rotary engine is an internal combustion engine just as the one that’s probably under the hood of your car. However, the rotary engine works in a completely different way that the piston engine. The Wankel rotary engine showed to the world that there is no need of reciprocating motion of pistons to create sufficient power. It relies on very few moving parts and manages to utilize these parts in a smart multitasking manner.

Of course, this engine has been analyzed and tried out more times that one can count, but what we really want to know is how to build one. That’s why Dave and Joe take us on a geekfest as they show us how to build such engines and how combustion process in these engines work. In the video below, Joe Ferguson assembles a Mazda Renesis 13B rotary engine using refurbished housings with lightened rotors, Racing Beat ported irons and Goopy Performance seals.

Check it out!