How Volvo’s PowerPulse tech Aims To End Turbo Lag Forever!?!

Screenshot_9PowerPulse tech

Volvo developed a new PowerPulse technology to solve turbo lag problem. They are taking turbo lag elimination to the next level, so they outfitted their diesel engines with an electric compressor, a tank and a valve. The key is really simple – compressed air.

The PowerPulse system is fitted to Volvo’s latest D5 diesel engine. The compressor draws clean air from the air filter and stores it in a 2.0-litre tank at 12 bar and is constantly re-charged.

Controlled by driver – when he mashes the gas pedal, the valve opens, sending high-pressure air from the tank into the exhaust stream, then sending air charge into your cylinders, resulting in a pulse of power.

Check out the video and see how it works!