Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari – Exclusive Ferrari Watch!

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari

At the Geneva Motor Show, in 2013, Ferrari unveiled one of its greatest flagship supercars, the elegantly titled LaFerrari. It’s a machine that sports 1,000 horsepower along with its graceful figure and amazing posture. But, a couple of months later, the company named Hublot designed something quite peculiar regarding the legendary LaFerrari. It’s a wristwatch that matches the look and feel of the car.

The Hublot MP-05 was created as a tribute to the LaFerrari, with the engineers of the company having developed, designed, and produced ever piece in parallel with the car. The case and buckle are crafted from black PVD titanium and the face is made from sapphire crystal. In total, 673 components power the movement of the watch, Hublot’s personal record. Additionally, the LaFerrari tribute watch features a 50-day power reserve – which sort of breaks the world record for a hand-wound Tourbillon wristwatch.

With all this, of course, comes the price. Those with a penchant for luxury watches and deep pockets should have $300,000 in their bank account to get one of these. Check it out!