IceWind CW1000 Turbine – Great Idea & Solution to Wind Power Problems!

IceWind CW1000 Turbine

Iceland runs on 100 % renewable energy and most of the energy comes from geothermal sources.

Also researchers have been working on ways to harness the incredibly powerful winds in the region and fix one of wind power’s biggest problem with the traditional turbines. In the high winds, they spin out of control, catching on fire or ripping apart.

To prevent that, the inventor Saethor Asgeirsson realized that an entirely different type of wind turbine could withstand the winds – IceWind CW1000 wind turbine!

The IceWind CW1000 turbine stands vertically on a wide base and features curved blades with unique shape, that allows the turbine to catch the wind in such a way that it can’t possibly spin too fast.

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