Incredible Wind Turbine Design – Harness the Immense Powers of Typhoons!

Wind turbine

Atsushi Shimizu has invented the world’s first typhoon turbine. That is an incredibly rugged wind turbine which is capable of harnessing the immense powers of typhoons.

Shimizu believes that he can turn the destructive forces into a solution for Japan’s energy crisis, so that the energy from one typhoon could power Japan for 50 years.

This turbine consists of three vertical blades and a central rod and has an omnidirectional axis so that it can respond to wind coming from every direction.

Conventional wind turbines could be damaged by typhoons while the typhoon turbine would be able to function normally, because the blades are controlled by the central rod, which can be tightened to slow down, or stop the blades regardless of the external forces.


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