New, simple yet mind-blowing, innovative mounts – straight out of Germany!

innovative mountsInnovative mounts which come to existence thanks to the German engineers are always good mounts. An engine mount holds the engine to the body of the car. In a typical vehicle, the transmission and the engine are bolted together and held in place because there are three of four mounts doing their job there. Those that hold the engine are reffered to as engine mounts and those meant to hold the transmission are transmission mount.

Innovative mounts.

Because of the fact that everything’s going forward so fast, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing innovative mounts out there. Considering their essentiality, mounts should be easy to install, durable and provide an amazing fitment. In addition, they have to make sure that no sort of vibration will disturb their functionality.

Thus, their design and the material that they are made of are of great importance. And because Germans seem to always be ahead of many when it comes to innovative mounts, today we’re checking a video that showcases a bundle of them. Enjoy!