The ultimate solution for your parking problems – The Invisible Car Lift

Invisible Car Lift

Idealpark, which is a leading company in Italy when it comes to car lifts, presents its invisible car lift, called the IP1-CM MOB. We’ve seen car lifts before, but there aren’t any that are on par with this one.

Surely, it’s not literally invisible. However, it’s an extremely quiet system and features a high level of customization and perfect integration with architecture. It offers a wide choice of lighting, colours and finishes. Moreover, you can customize your own system and get a one-of-a-kind result which will blend in the target surroundings.

In addition, the invisible car lifts makes the presence of fences unnecessary. It has a color display, camera at the ground floor, and LCD touch screen on board. This allows you to monitor the surrounding area as well as the system.

The outside area remains livable and free and you can even pave the roof covering with any material you wish. It guarantees completely – Check it out!