This Is Real – You Can Fly Like Iron Man With This Jetpack Suit!

Jetpack Suit

We’ve tried improving the infamous hoverboard to a maximum level and still we feel like we don’t have the proper one yet. However, when it comes to jetpacks we can proudly say that we have one of those. Australian jetpacks. Well, actually only one.

David Mayam, a Sydney-born pilot, along with the chief designer, Nelson Tyler, have unveiled the “world’s only jetpack” after 10 years of dedicated work. To show their masterpiece in its true colours Mayam took it on a maiden voyage. But, there are other jetpacks too. What we are really interested in is why they are calling it the “world’s only real jetpack”.

Well, this one can achieve a vertical takeoff and can fly thousands of feet in the air. The jets on the JB-9 works like an actual jet engine on an aircraft. The one wearing this glorious jetpack suit can reach up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Check it out!