What is the amazing John Deere 9620R tractor all about?!?

John Deere 9620R

The John Deere 9620R belongs in the 9RX Series Tractors manufactured by one of the most famous company in the agricultural world – John Deer. What’s more this is a series of tractors that is considered the most wanted by the general public. With a perfect combination of performance, power and intelligence, there is nothing this tractor cannot achieve.

The series features models that have from  470 to 620 engine horsepower, Final Tier engine, increased hydraulic flow and integrated technology. The John Deere 9620R has 620 HP and one of the best features we’ve seen in a tractor. It is capable of pulling large implements through different fields, covers more acres in less time and greatly improves profitability.

To find out more about this beast, check out the video below!