How is a jumbo jet engine made?!?

jumbo jet engine

We’re used to boarding them or seeing them across the sky, but how many of us are actually familiar with what goes into building a jumbo jet engine?

These engines are built and tested at a Rolls-Royce manufacturing plant, which decided to give us a behind the scenes look at the process of putting together these jumbo jet engines that will eventually go airborne.

The engines have to go through several steps and tests before they are shipped off. There are around  11,000 employees and that work in the manufacturing plant that are essential to the building and design of the jumbo style airliners. Furthermore, each engine has to go through at least 8 separate sections which are put together on the assembly line. Nevertheless, the process itself is not as easy as it sounds. Each module is made of numerous components and all of them have different principles of work.

To find out more check out the video below!