Koenigsegg Free Valve engine – More power, Better Fuel Figures!

Koenigsegg Free ValveKoenigsegg Free Valve engine

Koenigsegg Free Valve system allows a greater control over the exhaust valves and the engine’s intake because of the electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators. The name of this system is combination of two sister companies – Koenigsegg and Free Valve. Qoros ( Chinese carmaker ) has joined Koenigsegg in demonstrating the camless engine.

The Free Valve engine uses electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators to provide precise control over each valve for more power and a 12 to 17 percent improvement in fuel economy.

This engine will allow more power even from a more compact package, which should mean punchy performance from engines that meet the ever-tightening Euro and Beijing emissions standards.

There is no mention of a release or production date for the Koenigsegg Free Valve engine, currently the engine remains a concept.

To find out more about the Koenigsegg Free Valve and how the engine actually works, check out the video!