Koenigsegg Free Valve Explained

Koenigsegg Free Valve system gets its name by actually combining the name of two sister companies. Obviously, the first one is Koenigsegg and the other one is Free Valve. Their camless design has made quite a fuzz and it’s no wonder why. The ones who join Koenigsegg in demonstrating the camless engine is Qoros, a Chinese car- maker.

The Koenigsegg Free Valve engine doesn’t use a traditional camshaft to control the engine’s valve. Instead, it uses electro- hydraulic actuators that provide precise control over every single valve. Namely, in this way the engine gets 12 to 17 percent improvement in fuel economy and more power.

In most of the engines, the rotating lobes of the camshaft push rockets which open the valves and then, the valve springs shut them. Unfortunately, this process has a stage where the valves are partially shut or open. This means that the system isn’t operating at ideal efficiency all the time.

This is where the Koenigsegg Free Valve engine comes in. This system allows a greater control over the exhaust valves and the engine’s intake because of the electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators. The greater control- the greater the power and the fuel economy.

The company also adds that the engine will allow more power even from a more compact package. This translates into punchier performance from engines that meet the Euro and Beijing emissions standards.

What’s really unfortunate is that there is still to mention of production date for the engine or release date. The engine still remains a concept but, we hope that we will see it in action someday.

When it comes to how the engine actually works, here we have a video in which Engineering Explained makes everything crystal clear. If you want to find out something more about the Koenigsegg Free Valve , check out the video below!