No More Spark Plugs In The Future Thanks To Laser Ignition?!?

Laser Ignition

The idea of replacing the well known spark plugs itself is not quite a new one. In 2011, Toyota has represented a similar system, however, it was never really tested in real conditions. Now,  “Princeton Optronics” has finally decided to show us the whole process in a real engine.

This engine, as mentioned before, is fitted with lasers instead of spark plug, which makes it consume less fuel compared to a regular engine. In addition, a laser ignition engine would lead to a cleaner environment and make the cars more environmentally friendly.

Compared to a standard internal combustion engine, the laser ignition engine is faster and more efficient up to 27 %. Basically, if the engine requires a liter of fuel at 40 km, now tit could go up to 50 km with the same amount of fuel.

Unfortunately, this system is not intended for automotive engine. On the other hand, ship’s engines and backup generators would benefit greatly. Check it out!