The Liddiard Wheels Let You Drive Your Car Sideways – Forget Parallel Parking!

Liddiard Wheels

The Liddiard wheels are basically wacky warping wheels that are capable of twisting and sliding in any direction possible. But, it their ability only a a fun party trick?

The idea of a car that can move sidewise effortlessly, whether it’s by the use of spherical wheels or tiny car-lifting robots, will always remain appealing. Parking garage management becomes as easy as pie and parallel parking becomes a dream. Thus, the Liddiar wheels seem like a pretty compelling innovation.

The only right way to describe then is to say that they are kind of “omni wheels”. They’re bolt-on modification and have one continuous surface. According to the company that designed them, you can slap them on any car.

But making such a step forward can change everything we’re used to regarding wheels and tires and it will probably complicate it more that it already is. Moving sideways may be the dream but we don’t know if these things are worth the trouble. Be that as it may, we can’t say that we don’t want to test drive a car that can do this. Check it out!