Lifted 4×4 Dodge Challenger – Offroad Muscle car!

Lifted 4x4 Dodge ChallengerLifted 4×4 Dodge Challenger

This Lifted 4×4 Dodge Challenger has the best of both worlds! By the book it’s fast, iconic muscle car, that can really handle off road. This Challenger is painted with fluorescent green color and is transformed into an off road beast.

The owner most likely had in mind something else when he didn’t bring back it into its original condition. He wanted to mix two opposite ideas at the same time! This idea isn’t a concept to be feared, but rather one that must be accepted for the sake of innovation.

Choosing a Dodge Challenger muscle car as a platform in the first place has its advantages. The scale allowed for a bigger wheel diameter, the width was there, it was heavy, but It was possible to make it work.

The Dodge encompassed the benefits of a muscle car while still being a bit subtle. This kind of transformation is what some would call eclectic and varied, but when it comes to the off-road stuff, it’s nothing if not inspired by bad roads and tough winters.
This Lifted 4×4 Challenger is a perfect harmony and balance between useful and avantgarde. It fits in both worlds at any moment. A lot of modern and minimalist design has been done. So, now you see what happens when a Dodge Challenger is put on a set of bigger shocks and tires! Check out this Lifted 4×4 Dodge Challenger!