Lighter hacks – 4 amazing tools made out of a lighter!

Lighter hacksLighter hacks – What else can you use a lighter for, expect for lighting things up?

Well, this video below will show you. These life hacks aren’t something mind-blowing and are really easy to make. Some of you may even see them as useless but, they’re pretty cool, small and fast DIY projects.

Lighter hacks – 4 amazing tools made out of a lighter!

The first thing this video will teach you is how to make a glue gun out of a lighter. It may look like making a fire thrower at first but, it’s not. Sorry to disappoint you.

After that you’ll see how to make a drill for plastic objects. It’s really simple and easy and all you need is a wire, a tape and a disposable lighter.

The third hack is about making a soldering iron out of a lighter. This can actually turn out to be quite handy if you have a small project in your mind that involved soldering.

As always, the last is always the best one. The 4th trick teaches you how to make a foam cutter with using only a copper wire and of course, a lighter. Check out the video!