Take a closer look at the Lucid Air Car – The Future of electric luxury!

Lucid Air

The Lucid Air is the greatest Tesla Model S rival so far and for things to get even more interesting, it is cheaper. It is prices at around $60,000 depending on the model you choose to purchase.

Tesla Model S rival produces around 400 bhp featuring its most basic single motor form. However, power can be amazingly increased up to 1000 bhp with a 4-wheel drive model and a twin-turbo. The most potent version hits 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. The standard range of the Lucid Air is 240 miles, but there is also a 400-mile version available as an option.

So, what makes the Lucid Air a Tesla Model S rival? Well, Tesla customers have complained mostly about the car’s interior. According to them, it just doesn’t offer the luxury of an electric car as it should. That’s where Lucid Air comes in.

The company has been focusing on the luxurious interior and it did it all the way. It features two reclining seats and even has a version where 5 seats are available. Additionally, Lucid’s car suspension features regenerative valve technology, providing customers a comfortable ride in its class.

Moreover, Lucid has penned their electric luxury as “autonomous ready”. This means that they will fit the car with necessary sensors as long as the technology and legislation allow it.