Meet Lumos, a smart bike helmet with turn signals!

As daylight hours are getting fewer in number and the sun seems like it’s giving up on us around 4 pm, we can clearly see that bike-light season is upon as. But as important as they are to a rider’s visibility, it’s just too easy to lose or forget to charge them.

That’s why Lumos, the “Next Generation Bicycle Helmet,” is here to offer a better solution. This smart helmet aims to solve all the problems. If lights are hard to keep track of, this helmet is likely not. It features more than 60 LEDs on the back and the front and in addition, it has a few, next-level features integrated.

The most novel is the incorporation of turn signals. Using your arms to signal all turns at intersections cannot be compared to this. To find out more about the Lumos, check out the video below!