Amazing Free Energy Magnetic Motor – Real or Not?

Magnetic Motor

Given how much attention Magnetic Motors get nowadays, they seem like they could change something in this world. But, is that really true? The Internet is rife with videos about magnetic motors, saying they are capable of providing energy without the need of any kind of fuel. Additionally, they claim that cutting your electrical bills and contributing to a greener environment has become possible. But, how does a magnetic motor actually work?

Well, it’s not far-fetched to say that most of us have covered the basics. A magnetic motor works on a simple principle. If you arrange the magnets in such a fashion that their poles face each other, you can set the motor in motion. Once the motor is in motion, you can treat it like a turbine. Now comes the real question: Is a magnetic motor capable of running on its own? Well, nobody can say for sure. The one we’re checking out in the video below features shorted coils and can run up to 300 rpm.

According to the builder, it is nearly impossible to get it running. Check it out!