Can Changing Gearing Make Your Car Go Faster? – Explained!

Make Your Car Go Faster

Does changing gearing really make a difference or is it just a trick to make us think that we go faster? There have been many threads regarding gear changes and many people claim that it doesn’t really matter but what’s even more to it is that many people can’t really wrap their heads around the bare concept of gear changing. Fortunately, Engineering Explained is always here to help with our dilemmas.

In order to explain and prove how changing gearing works and whether it is efficient or not, he takes the 4.10 final drive ratio in a Honda S2000 and swaps it with a  4.44 final drive ratio LSD. To test it, he does 3 second gear acceleration pulls after and before installing the new differential. So, can this make your car go faster?

The video below goes pretty in-depth and shows us what happens when we change the gear ratio on a Honda S2000 but that doesn’t mean it can’t be applied to other cars as well. Check it out!