Magic Vision Control -The Brand New Mercedes-Benz Windshield Wipers!

Mercedes-Benz Windshield Wipers

When your windshield is covered in road debris, bird droppings, bugs, and even frost not only does it take the visual appeal of the vehicle away but, it kind of impedes your vision, which is a big deal. In those of situations, your wipers splash washer fluid all over the windshield, doing their best to clean everything off. And even though these moments of splashing and cleaning are brief, your vision is mostly blocked while the wipers clean up the mess.

But that’s where the brand new Mercedes-Benz windshield wipers come into the picture. Called, Magic Vision Control, this concept brings washers and windshield wipers together. Instead of spraying a wave of washer fluid from the jets located at the foot of the windshield, Mercedes-Benz wipes have jets at the edge of the wiper blade.

In addition to eliminating the previously mentioned brief moments of impeded vision, these new wipers also reduce the consumption of washer fluid by 50 percent. But, that’s not the kicker here. The really amazing thing about the wipers is that their entire system is heated. No more scraping away ice in the cold morning – that’s for sure!