Nissan’s 1.5L engine produces 400 hp and can fit in your backpack!

Nissan's New 1.5L Engine

The miniature Chevy V8 engine, the miniature blown V8 and the miniature flat six engine we are quite impressive creations. However, the Nissan’s 1.5L engine is something different. It’s not a classic mini engine but, it can still fit in your backpack.

This mini engine is part of a cool gas-electric hybrid drivetrain. It was made to propel Nissan’s Batmobilesque ZEOD RC. The company calls it the DIG-T R. It’s a little over seven inches wide and under 20 inches tall, it weighs 88 pounds and a displacement of 1.5-liters. The amazing thing is that it produces 400 hp and 280 pound-feet of torque.

Check it out!