Opening a lock without a key is way easier than it looks like!

Opening a lock without a keyOpening a lock without a key is a skill that you have to learn and practice afterwards. Nowadays, it’s easier than it used to be; the Internet is a place where you can find anything. Thus, we’ve seen many ways of busting locks in various manners.

However, opening a lock like this is quite unorthodox and a bit extreme. Nevertheless, that’s why it’s so fun to observe!

The padlock casing usually is made out of brass. This material, furthermore, melts at around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. And if that’s the case wouldn’t it be fairly simple to just melt it with a little bit more heat? Definitely.

So next time when you’re not sure how to open a lock and don’t have the skills to do it, nor a key, then melting it with a blow torch will definitely do the job. Check it out!