Meet the Oxbo 6420 Harvester – The future of olive harvest is here!

Oxbo 6420 HarvesterOxbo 6420 Harvester

The Oxbo 6420 Harvester is a custom harvesting solution the the Super High Density Olive market. It is reliable, productive, and ensures getting high quality olives. It is a unique tall tunnel machines that brings novelty in the industry.

The 6420 Harvester brings a lot of benefits to the field. Its large picking tunnel accommodates large trees with its 108-138 inches. The cab can easily slide down for machine transport and the Nylon catcher plates are effective when it comes to olive retention.

This harvester features an all-wheel hydrostatic drive system that allows it to go 4 mph when harvesting and 14 mph on the road. The air-condition center mounted cab is comfortable and offers optimal visibility in all harvesting conditions.

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