How to properly weld and cut with an oxy-acetylene torch!

oxy-acetylene torch

The oxy-acetylene torch setup one of the most versatile and most affordable tools in any shop. A competent operator with an oxy-acetylene torch can weld, braze, heat, silver-solder and cut. But mostly, this tool is used for cutting.

Cutting with a torch requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the subject. It looks simple and while it’s not difficult to understand the basics, don’t use it if you’re not fully prepared. ¬†If you do consider yourself worthy of the challenge and you’re not a professional operator, then it’s best to go through the basics once again.

Cutting with a torch is the quickest and cleanest way there is. ¬†Surely, it will require some practice but, you’ll get the hand of it. Going too slow or going to fast when cutting is not recommended but, the damage can be easily repaired. When it comes to making holes in metal on the other hand, you don’t want to hurry.

Check out the video below and find something more abut the whole technique!