Amazing 1600hp Boat Engine Powered Car – Packard Royal!

Packard Royal

The Packard Royal is one-of-a-kind creation that is hard to dislike due to its power, appearance and size. It is a 31 feet 6 inches long vehicle that weighs amazing 12,500 pounds. The creator of this beast, Rodney Rucker, has a history with heavy vehicles which furthermore inspired him to start building such cars.

However, what’s really awesome about this ride, despite its length and weight is where the power comes from. The Packard Royal is powered by a 1600 HP engine that previously powered a PT boat, built in 1940. Additionally, the Packard is equipped with air brakes, air ride suspension, 4 radiators, two transmission, two ambulance alternators, eight cooling fans and many other mind-blowing features.

Check it out in the video below!