What is the Russian Rotary Vane engine all about?!?

Rotary Vane engine

The world heard of the Russian Rotary Vane engine when Russia proudly announced that it’s going into production with their E-mobile car (Ё-мобиль). The long-expected hybrid car, unfortunately, never became reality and make it to the market. However, this failed game changer was supposed to be powered by the rotary vane engine. Arguably, the engine’s design was based on the

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CH-53E Super Stallion – The Biggest US Helicopter!

CH-53E Super Stallion In the video below you will see how a CH-53E Super Stallion show its muscles, lifting a LAV APC and a humvee. The CH-53E Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter, built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps. Armed with window-mounted 50-caliber machine guns, chaff and flare dispensers for anti-air defense, an in-flight refueling probe for limitless

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