The legendary spiral water pump in action – slow turning and high lift!

spiral water pump

Spiral water pump The spiral water pump was first invented in 1746 by Wirtz. Naturally, it was largely forgotten due to the appearance of steam power and later electrical power. Nevertheless, it has seen a resurgence of interest among people that want to use simple technology in the developing countries. This a water pump that doesn’t need electricity nor solar

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The Strautmann Triple-Augered Verti-Mix 4501 offers more reliability and efficiency!

Verti-Mix 4501

Verti-Mix 4501 The Verti-Mix 4501 an extend on the range of Strautmann’s vertical feed mixers. Their two new creations are triple-augered machines: the Verti-Mix 3451 Triple and Verti-Mix 4501. They offer quality, reliability, fuel efficiency and effectiveness. But, that’s also what all the other Strautmann machines offer. The difference between these two and their older brether is that they feature larger capacities.

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Parsley harvesting with the amazing self-propelled Ploeger MKC-2TR container mower!

Ploeger MKC-2TR

Ploeger MKC-2TR The Ploeger MKC-2TR is a self-propelled container mower that was designed to harvest spinach, herbaceous plants, and leaf vegetables. It is one of the two Ploeger MKCs, the other being the MKC -4TR with a difference in the chassis. The Poeger MKC-2TR is a combination of wheels on the front axle and tracks on the rear axle. The whole harvesting

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Super cool Tuned BMW M4 – Bagged and Convertible!

Eduardo’s Fitted M4 The BMW M4 is a high-performance version of the BMW 4 Series. Upgrades over the standard BMW 4-Series include: a very powerful and responsive twin turbocharged engine, improved handling, suspension, and braking systems. The M4 also has aerodynamic body enhancements, interior/exterior accents with the tri-colour “M” badging, red leather enterier, significantly reduced weight compared to the standard

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The most amazing machines shown at the annual vintage tractor fest!

vintage tractor fest

Vintage tractor fest The Yorkshire tractor show is the biggest vintage tractor fest in the North. Usually, it’s a two-day festival that showcases thousands of vintage cars, lorries, motorcycles, stationary engines and of course, vintage tractors. This event is not meant only for vintage machines enthusiasts. It’s a great way to loosen up and feast your eyes on some of

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