The first Tesla race car in the world is ready to roll in 2017!

Tesla race car

This gutted and race-prepped Tesla P100D, built for the Electric GT racing series, is ready to race. Last year it was only just a rumor and in November we had the opportunity to see the working prototype. Then at the UK’s Autosport International Show the he first racing-spec Tesla was unveiled with a live demonstration of the P100D version. What’s really amazing about the

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The 2020 Ford Bronco is finally confirmed to come alive!

2020 Ford Bronco

Ford officially confirmed the midsize off-road 4×4 at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show – The Bronco will make its debut in 2020. Unfortunately, they didn’t give any real details on the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco. The vehicle’s specification, dimensions, and design weren’t revealed. All they showed was a Bronco graphic. According to Hinrichs the upcoming Bronco is “a no-compromise midsize

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Komatsu D575A – The Biggest Bulldozer in The World!

Komatsu D575A The Komatsu D575A bulldozer has earned the rights as “the largest operational crawler tractor in the world.” The Komatsu was built by the company Komatsu Ltd. in Osaka, but its used all over the world, primarily in United States, Canada and Australia. Komatsu D575A – The Biggest Bulldozer in The World! It’s powered by a turbo-loaded, drawer-air-cooled 12 cylinder diesel

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HCCI Engines – The Future Of Internal Combustion Engines!

HCCI Engines The Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine combines characteristics of both conventional gasoline and diesel engines. This is a form of internal combustion engine in which well-mixed fuel and oxidizer are compressed to the point of auto-ignition. HCCI Engines – The Future Of Internal Combustion Engines! As in the other internal combustion engines, HCCI also injects fuel during the intake stroke.

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