The Ploeger AR-4BX potato harvester – fast, efficient and powerful!

Ploeger AR-4BXPloeger AR-4BX

The Ploeger AR-4BX ‘wide body’ potato harvester was delivered by PMC Harvesters Ltd in 2016. The machines is equipped with¬†4 x 90 cm row configuration,2 haulm rollers, 3 webs and 6-man picking table.

The capacity of the bunker is 14 tonnes and the machines gets it power from a Scania DC13, via a hydrostatic transmission with rear and front axle steering and automatic chassis.

In the video below, you’ll be checking out two Ploeger AR-4BX ‘wide body’ potato harvesters in action. One of them has a one-of-a-kind picking facility before the up-and-over elevator.