Amazing 1970 Plymouth Barracuda street machine named “Torc”!!!

Plymouth Barracuda street machinePlymouth Barracuda street machine

This amazing 1970 Plymouth Barracuda street machine was named “Torc”, and for a very good reason! But what is under the hood of this beauty? One would think perhaps a late model or an old school hemi… Yet that’s not the case. This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda street machine is sporting a 6.7 Cummins… It’s a Diesel… 1500 RWHP, and surprising 3000 Pounds of “Torc”! That’s right, even without the 2.5 billion dollar price tag, Torc got as much power as a Bugatti Chiron.

Diesel swaps have been getting crazy in the last year. Now, there are more twin-turbo and tri-turbo setups than ever. Some people have even strapped several cans of Nos just to ensure there’s enough power.

The S460 turbos are massive, but they are not as remarkable as the engine that needed a recess in the front bumper and the exhaust system that comes out from the trunk. Putting a Cummins motor in a muscle car is not as easy as doing it with a 4×4 truck. Check out this cool 1970 Plymouth Barracuda street machine!