Pneumatic V8 engine made entirely out of LEGO – Amazing invention!

LEGO V8 Pneumatic EngineWe’ve plated with LEGO sets when we were younger and we’ve seen many mind-blowing LEGO creations so far. However, this is the first time that we see something as brilliant and as cool as this.

The life-size LEGO that runs on air and the incredible LEGO¬†Ford Flathead V8 were just the beginning of the more serious creations made out of LEGO. Now, there is a LEGO pleumatic V8 engine that’s also pretty impressive.

Liftingbricks are the ones that are responsible for this project. They’re not one of the big names in the LPE building for no reason. The engine looks quite amazing and it’s no wonder that it requires a lot of knowledge and dedication to finish it. Check it out!