Police Bumper’s Grappler – Device Which Safely Stop Speeding Cars!

Grappler Police Bumper

Police Bumper’s Grappler

No one can escape the Grappler – Leonard Stock from Arizona, reveals ingenious James Bond-style invention to help police safely stop speeding cars.

This product has the potential to save countless lives when a high-speed police car chase takes place. The cops have to drive the Grappler close enough to the rear wheel of the suspect, then the net will be drawn around and up the rear axle and it will stop the other car.

Grappler Police Bumper

Leonard Stock got the idea in the middle of the night, after watching a television show about high-speed chases, where an innocent motorist got hit during a chase.

Being able to end a pursuit in a much more controlled fashion has huge value for law enforcement, also for the safety of the residents.

Check out the Grappler in action!